She Was 17 And He Was 44

She was created and bred a Muslim 53 years back. Her name was Lateefah E. Musah. She later changed to Christianity and was Christened Letitia when she was 27. She’s now generally known as Letitia E. Musah. During her period in secondary school, she fell in and out of love many times in a year. She didn’t ever meet up with one man for over six months. She says she was the prettiest girl in their own school knowning that she had a knack in participating in hanky panky relationships rather than slept with any man unless she was convinced the person really loved her. She’d date men for a few months and then dump him. This was specially the case if men insisted through the early duration of their relationship on slipping in bed with her.

Her first encounter which has a married man was that together with her secondary school head master called Abudu. Although he was married, Abudu was amorous of the pretty woman he meets. She was 17 and hubby was 44 which has a face like granite, along with a short square body hardened by deadly exercise. He had three children and knew how you can behave in a company and in every situation. On the other hand, she was young, unmarried and naïve. He looked younger than his age and was handsome. It was his won’t to provide lengthy speeches which were often larded with obscure quotations. Lateefah considered him to become messianic leader who showed his students the best way to a better life. She would head to Abudu to search for advice on anything, even including how you can deal with guys who often harassed her because she wouldn’t depart on a date with him or her. Little did she realize she was being dragged to a spider’s web. Abudu took benefit of this young attractive and naïve girl. He vowed for making her adore him, yet sadly she did. Abudu would be a womanizer, and hubby applied his skill to your minutiae of his craft. It all started when Lateefah had limited success in adjusting to your new milieu at boarding school.

Although he was the actual top teacher inside the school, also, he taught French – a subject matter Lateefah hated most. And, although French would be a required subject, she had failed in most French exam. Abudu made matters worse by looking into making sure that she wouldn’t pass some of her French exams. Being the one French teacher in the school he the shots. Grandpa got focused on Lateefah’s poor records in French and hired an exclusive tutor. It have not. Despite Grandpa’s efforts to aid her get yourself a passing grade in their own French exams, she kept slipping about the banana peels of Abudu who frustrated the efforts. Sometimes, all went well throughout the written examination prior to the oral part-which was always her nemesis. Since she considered Abudu a messianic figure, she never did suspect he was the actual cause of her problems.

It was one hot afternoon through the dry season when Lateefah came down having a severe headache after getting involved in a volley ball competition, when Abudu finally got the golden opportunity for making her sit within his rickety 25 year-old sedan. The rest was history.

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