Prodigal Son and His Brother

The younger brother had returned home with the exceptional father organised a feast for him by killing the prize calf. The party is at full swing with lots if music and dancing there. Everyone was having a great time.

Meanwhile the older brother was outside in the fields completely not aware of what was happening at home. He returns in the fields and sees that is taking place and calls seem to one of his father’s hired servants, “What does all this music and dancing mean?”

The servant answered him, “Your brother originates home plus your father has killed the fatted calf for him while he has received him secure and so we’re now feasting.”

The father then believed to his older son, We had to celebrate son for the brother was dead and after this he is alive, he was lost and after this he has been found. After all these years she has finally go to his senses.”

But the older son, far away from being happy on hearing with the news of his wayward brother’s return became very angry and exploded, “WHAT! All of these years I have been working being a slave to suit your needs and you never did any one this for me personally. You never even killed a goat to me so that I may feast with my girlfriends yet once this useless son of yours returns home after costing you money on harlots, you killed the fatted calf for him. He is a disgrace towards the family!

The father responded, “Son, you happen to be always here with me at night. Everything I have is yours but we to celebrate for the brother has finally go to his senses in fact these years!” The older son answered him, “But how about me? I never even lost mine!” The father replied, “Yes, why don’t you consider you son can’t you forgive your brother?”

The father pleaded with all the older son to become listed on the party but he refused to!

Sounds that the older brother had an attitude problem! Firstly he couldn’t even say to his father “my brother.” We can resemble that with people who live different lives to us by saying “That lot over there.” Secondly he accused his brother of spending the cash bad women! How did he know very well what his brother spent the money on or was he just making assumptions?” When someone is anti you what you will do is comprise stuff with regards to you and those that hear what the individual have to say accept is as true.

Did you’ll see that the older brother was unaware that everybody else was feasting! In fact he was the past to know! That tells me that she was away from touch together with his father! We can be so involved with our everyday lives that any of us forget the vital things! In other words we lose a sense our own priorities.

The older son pointed seem to his father his brother’s past sins but sinned in front of them and then by showing such unforgiveness toward his brother. He also sinned when he dishonoured his father by refusing to participate in the party.