ALL In The Believing

Growing flowers from seed is a LOT of work. Not physical work exactly, but a greater portion of a discipline. One must care for the seeds, ensuring they get water frequently and that weeds do not take on over. If you aren’t bought the flowers growing, unless you believe that they’ll actually bloom into gorgeous specimens, you happen to be less likely to recollect to take proper care of them. Not believing they may bloom causes not taking good care of them, which contributes to them not blooming – a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Make no mistake, having one seemingly dead seed produce a full harvest of gorgeous blooms IS a miracle. But for making that miracle happen, it will take believing and nurturing that belief.

How can doing all this same scenario enjoy in life? The miracle I thought of was looking to be an experienced speaker. I would, honest to God, sit at the front row of motivational events wishing which the speaker would spot something inside me and encourage me to follow along with that dream. I never said anything, never did far from wish. Then one day, I met a specialist speaker in a conference I attended. He given to me that this National Speakers Association helps individuals start professional speaking businesses. The meetings were 2 hours away, throughout the weekday and expensive, but I am excited, it didn’t matter. I attended every meeting, joined the academy, bombed my first speech and quit. I sulked for some time, joined Toastmasters and went back. I locked myself within my home for three days last but not least figured out what I would speak on, got aid in creating a logo, business cards, one sheet, website and worked very trying to my talks. I said yes to anyone who would invite me to show. And I stopped allowing myself to sabotage by that voice around my head that was desperate to keep me safe and small. And then, a miracle happened. At age 53, I became a specialist speaker.

Another miracle was my have a problem with my weight . . . my ENTIRE life (no exaggeration). Then one day I quit together a literal visit Jesus meeting (or Higher Power, God, Source, Spirit, whatever works) proclaiming that I was done! I informed my God that I had two non-negotiables: I would NEVER diet again AND I would release 30 pounds. I did not recognize how it would happen but trusted God to demonstrate me. Shortly after, I found out about a study where scientists dealt with rats to acquire them hooked on cocaine, and gave them the decision between cocaine and sugar water. The rats find the sugar water whenever! Hearing that forced me to be so angry, as I realized I was just an addicted rat to sugar! On that day, August 1, 2016, I quit sugar 100%. No stength needed (after I got from the withdrawals which weren’t pretty!). I am now 35 pounds lighter and have absolutely never felt better. A miracle for certain!

What miracle have you been hoping for? What do you think you’re willing to draw a line within the sand and step over to create a miracle happen? What seed is it possible to plant then water, to build YOUR miracle? DO IT ALREADY, would YOU?

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